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Indoor Small Psxel HD Series
Aluminum alloy die-casting technology, light and beautiful quality, using LED special high-brush IC+ hidden IC, easy to achieve high-definition image, professional and high-efficiency IC design, high-def energy-saving one step.


Indoor led display
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Outdoor P8 led display
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Outdoor Energy-Saving Series
LED Strip Lights Provide Vivid Colors, Outstanding Contrast, and Uniform Brilliance With IP65 Protection To Offer Watertightness Dusttightness Rusttproofness; Our standard steel design ensures easy installation and maintenance; experience seamless splicing for high precision lighting!

Poster Led Screen series
LED Poster is an intelligent terminal advertising player that transmits multimedia content, including images, text and video, through terminal software and the Internet for advertising purposes. It is equipped with wheels for easy movement to different locations to accommodate different promotional needs and provide greater flexibility.


poster led display
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stadium led display
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Led Screen For Stadium Series
It offers top-notch protection with a soft mask that is distinctive and an anti-collision padding to ensure athlete safety. The viewing angle can be adjusted to provide the best vision for the audience. High refresh rates, outstanding grayscale, exceptional contrast and consistent performance. Ultra-wide viewing.


Transparent Led Screen Series
P3.91/ P5 / P6.25 / P7.82
It is simple to install and has a quick-release feature. There is no need for frames made of steel. It is transparent, lightweight and thin. The colors are reproduced in high definition. It has a light transmission rate of up to 95%, and doesn’t have a grainy feeling when viewed recently. The lamp has a lifetime of up to 100,000 hours and an auto-cooling, high-efficiency power supply that protects the environment and saves energy.


transparent film led screen
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rental led display
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Infoor/Outdoor Rental led display series
The cabinet is lightweight and robust, making it easy to transport. The high-definition graphics and superior greyscale are available. It can be quickly assembled into multiple configurations with both front and rear maintenance options. The seamless splicing feature results in an integrated screen.


Project Cases

When you choose TopLED, you’ll enter a world filled with high-quality projects. We’ve been involved in many high profile projects and have won many awards. The robustness of our product range has caught the attention of millions. Many of the largest and most ambitious projects around the world are based on TopLED products.

Indoor led screen

Outdoor advertising display

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Customize LED screens to meet your needs

TOPLED is a trusted manufacturer of LED screens and has been providing high quality solutions to different industries for many years to meet the various needs of our customers. Below are your customization options.

Why TOPLED can be your first choice?

Professional led screen supplier with 16 years experience

Having dedicated over 16 years to the LED screen industry, we’ve acquired extensive industry insights, nurturing a deep understanding of market demands and trends. This comprehensive knowledge equips us to efficiently address a broad spectrum of customer needs, guaranteeing the provision of top-notch, high-quality solutions.
16 years experience professional LED display supplier
16 years experience professional LED display supplier

We are the Lenovo national distributor

As the national distributor, our strong alliance with Lenovo affords us exclusive access to their latest and premium LED screen products. With distribution rights spanning the entire country, we are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge innovations, high-quality products, and exceptional customer support to meet the diverse needs of customers nationwide.
Lenovo National Agent
Lenovo National Agent

We have a factory building of 10,000 square meters and four floors.

Situated in an expansive 10,000-square-meter facility, our LED screen factory underscores our robust production and manufacturing capabilities, adept at managing projects of diverse scales.
Company Strength

We have a professional design and R&D team to constantly break through and innovate.

As a specialized factory focused on LED screen production, our commitment is unwavering in delivering high-quality LED products to our customers. Supported by a professional design and research and development team with extensive experience and expertise, we prioritize continuous innovation and technological advancements to maintain the competitive edge of our LED screen products.
Design and R&D Advantage
Design and R&D Advantage

We have state-of-the-art equipment.

What distinguishes us is our pride in possessing state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. This machinery integrates cutting-edge technology and innovations, guaranteeing that the LED screens we manufacture adhere to the highest standards of performance and quality.
SMT process
SMT process

We have a precise placement process.

Our installation process is intricately designed and consistently enhanced to guarantee the precision and reliability of every LED screen installation and calibration. This meticulous approach ensures the delivery of an exceptional visual experience.
advanced equipment
advanced equipment

We have a variety of transportation methods such as sea and air transportation

Our expertise lies in the production of LED screens, and we are dedicated to delivering a range of products and flexible services to our customers. We offer diverse transportation options, such as sea and air transportation, to cater to the varied logistical requirements of our customers, ensuring the timely and secure delivery of LED screens.
Air Box Shipment
Reliable transportation

We have the most considerate and patient after-sales service.

As a specialized LED screen manufacturing facility, our commitment extends beyond delivering high-quality products; we are dedicated to providing exceptional post-purchase support. Our after-sales service team prioritizes customer care and patience, ensuring comprehensive support to enhance the satisfaction of customers using our LED screens.
after-sales service
after-sales service

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