HD Indoor & Outdoor LED Screen Rental Service | Slim, Portable, and Reliable

Rent the latest HD LED screens, slim, portable, with wireless connectivity for stable and reliable signals and power. Choose from various indoor and outdoor models, IP65 waterproof, quick and easy disassembly, ultra-lightweight at 7.3kg per cabinet for one-person transport, saving time and effort.
HD Indoor LED Screen (Model: P1.953 – P4.81)
Ultra-thin design, lightweight and easy to dismantle, wireless connection, suitable for various occasions. Stable signal, IP65 waterproof, corner protection design to ensure high protection and durability. Flexible and easy to use, only 5 seconds to change, improve the efficiency of display.
Outdoor LED Screen (Model: P2.976 – P4.81)
Unique HUB board design, modules and power supply are directly connected, no need for cumbersome wires. Lightweight design, each cabinet weighs only 7.3kg, one person can carry it, saving time and effort. Highly protective and adaptable to various weather conditions, ideal for outdoor activities and advertising displays.